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All the benefits of Jungle Scout in 2022

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FBA tool Jungle Scout is one of the most important tools. It helps you find good deals. The Austin, Texas-based company was started in 2014 by Amazon sellers who wanted to make it easier for people to find things they want to buy. There was a small piece of programming at first, but now it’s a powerful all-around FBA tool.

In order to establish or grow a successful Amazon FBA company, you’ll need a service like Jungle Scout to help you get started. Our team took a detailed look at Young Scout and put it through a tough testing procedure. In addition, we will walk you through all of the features. In case you want it a bit less expensively and/or want to experiment with the FBA tool, we’ve found a few Jungle Scout promo codes for you.


$ 29 /mo
Review Automation core tool
Single user license
Full access to the browser extension (Chrome + Firefox)
$ 49 /mo
Review Automation with
Advanced features
Ability to add more users
Access to more in-depth historical product and keyword data
Advanced seller features
$ 84 /mo
Track up to 1000 ASINs
6 users included
6 months of historical data in Product Tracker
2 years of historical keyword data
Priority onboarding

Why do you need Jungle Scout

In the ancient period known as pre- Jungle Scout, humans were in fact trading goods. This was the period when Amazon experts like myself had to do everything manually, including looking for items, assessing competitors, and constructing libraries of spreadsheets with the little data we had. If you don’t have the time or desire to do it yourself, Jungle Scout can do it for you in an instant.

To succeed in today’s market, product research is now more essential than ever before. No matter how bright you are, you will fail if you use a poor product. Today’s competition is hysterical. Last year alone, over 1 million NEW SELLERS joined. A lot of competition there. You have NO CHANCE if you don’t find a distinctive, lucrative, and in-demand product to offer your customers. What If I Told You: Last year, Amazon sold more than 238 billion dollars? That is more than Portugal’s whole GDP!

Jungle Scout review


It is very important for an FBA business on the Amazon Marketplace to have accurate data. Incorrect or even „only“ slightly wrong data can make it hard to make good decisions or take the right actions. There is a chance that this could kill the whole business. People who do product research need to know how much demand there is for a certain product (keywords), how good the competitors‘ listings are, or how good a certain product could be.

For those of you who currently sell things on the Marketplace, it’s important for you to keep an eye on your competition. Everything is worthless unless it is built on a firm foundation. Jungle Scout’s data has been thoroughly scrutinized by ourselves and other active sellers, and we have come to certain conclusions. The data that is provided is very exact and also quite dependable for long-term statistical studies. We give it a resounding thumbs up.


Jungle Scout comes up with a very effective gadget. It is clear from a deeper look at the product research analysis tool as well as the Chrome Extension that many programming hours have been invested in this project. Using Young Scout to locate a profitable and acceptable product for sale on Amazon, as well as to analyze rivals and monitor its own listings, maybe a very beneficial experience. A lot of very accurate data comes out of the machine when it is turned on. An excellent investment that pays off handsomely in the long run, to summarize. As a result, it was well worth the money.


Additionally, user-friendliness is quite vital in addition to data quality. Jungle Scout is able to effectively summarize complicated data and show it in a logical and readily understandable manner for the sake of running an Amazon FBA company on a day-to-day basis. There are several tools available to Young Scout on a single screen. These are well-connected both in terms of content and in terms of logical flow. Actions and judgments can be deduced with relative ease from the appealing information. The menu navigation is simple, and you can easily find the facts and information that you are searching for in the system’s databases. This demonstrates what is really important.

Support quality

You never seem to learn anything! And that’s precisely what you need to know if you want to start or grow a successful Amazon FBA company. If you want to start your own FBA business, there are several factors to consider. What is the best way to locate the perfect product? What steps should I take to create a high-quality product listing? What is the best way to discover the best price? What should I do if my listing gets taken over by someone else? What is the best way to deal with suppliers from China? Questions come up time and time again, whether with the bleeding novice or with the full-fledged professional.

Jungle Scout provides a large number of answers, pathways, and options for players to explore. Whether you have a question or want to go deep into a subject, we are here to help you. The following are examples of online learning opportunities: webinars, FBA classes on Amazon, Facebook Groups, blogs, podcasts, email, and chat. Regardless of the situation, Jungle Scout has a solution for you. We were especially impressed by the quick response time and high quality of the responses.

Our overall rating

Jungle Scout is a brand name in the FBA industry that you are certain to come across sooner or later. Whether it’s data quality, the convenience of use, pricing, or service, Jungle Scout is a fantastic all-in-one solution for your Amazon FBA company that you should consider. We have been working with Jungle Scout for many years and are impressed with the amount of time and effort that is put into maintaining the high quality of the product as well as its continual improvement.

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The tools of Jungle Scout

Product Database

It is a huge database of more than 70 million products that are on Amazon. People who search for things like this can arrange and find ideas for new products that match their own preferences. With standard filters, you can start coming up with ideas and figuring out which products have a lot of potential right away. Use sales and other criteria to quickly find product ideas with a good chance of being sold.

Learn more about Product Database

Product Tracker

When you use Product Tracker, which is a feature of the Jungle Scout Tool, you can track possible product ideas over a longer period of time, including revenue, price, and best-seller rank, in order to determine how successful a product is in the real world. Keep track of daily sales, best-seller ranking, sales, and a variety of other metrics. Discover the seasonality of things and the unexpected possibilities that come your way. With the help of this tool, you can determine how rapidly things move, what your margins are, and what price you should be negotiating. You will be able to make sound business choices as a result of the information you have gained.

Learn more about Product Tracker

Listing Builder

According to precise criteria, the product page for your own article on Amazon should be ideally constructed and played. Jungle Scout’s listing builder is a huge assistance in this regard. At first look, you can determine whether or not all necessary information is accessible and maintained, as well as whether or not the article, including its title, description, and product data, is considered suitable to your keywords and, therefore, to your sales objectives.

Learn more about the Listing Builder

Jungle Scout Review Automation

The ability to get positive feedback is another crucial element of a successful FBA. The Review Automation feature in Jungle Scout automates this process by sending out prompts to your customers to write a review in accordance with the requirements you choose. It is possible to examine who has previously been contacted, who has answered, and which groups are eligible for further follow-up in the tool. As a result, considerable time and human effort may be saved in this situation.

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Opportunity Finder

When it comes to finding lucrative product categories on Amazon and launching a product with high sales potential, Jungle Scout’s powerful Opportunity Finder is the tool you need. Instead of putting a lot of effort and time into manual research, you can uncover items that are in great demand and have little competition with just a few clicks. A complex system called the Niche Score has been created by Jungle Scout to evaluate the success potential of products. The method is based on demand, competition, and listing quality, and it is scaled from 1 (extremely terrible) to 10 (very good) on a scale from 1 to 10. (excellent). Instead of merely showing you one picture, this tool also shows you how sales data, such as the number of transactions and their value have changed over time (e.g., the average price and the search traffic).

Learn more about Opportunity Finder

Supplier Database

Jungle Scout provides you with this supplier database, which allows you to quickly and easily identify reputable suppliers all over the world, including those that are used by some of the world’s most well-known companies. Product purchases and valuations can be made using the Supplier Database. Suppliers can locate a product within seconds with the aid of the ASIN number. You can also use this tool to evaluate offers, buy samples, manage orders, and keep track of agreed-upon purchases and payment schedules. Product tracking, supplier listings, and review organization are all made easier with Supplier Database’s powerful features.

Learn more about Supplier Database

Keyword Scout

In terms of accuracy and comprehensiveness, Keyword Scout by Jungle Scout is the most accurate and comprehensive keyword research tool for Amazon presently available. One of the criteria for success on Amazon is doing a thorough keyword search. With this tool, you will be able to identify high-quality keywords, as well as the corresponding search volume and the suggested PPC price.

The ability to determine which keywords create traffic for a certain product by providing ASIN is a unique tool that can be used to your advantage. Additional analysis of keyword volumes can be performed for up to 2 years in the future as well. Trends, such as the desire for a certain product, seasonality, and so on, can be deduced from this. Even with your Amazon SEO plan in place, you’ll have a difficult time getting past this tool.

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Rank Tracker

It is possible to track the success of all your relevant keywords on Amazon in a dry and systematic manner over an extended period of time, thanks to Jungle Scout’s Rank Tracker (available for free). This enables you to determine which keywords work especially well for you and, more importantly, which of your activities have an influence on your placement in search results. As a result, you can optimize extremely accurately and improve the percentage of profitable phrases in your search engine results.

Learn more about the Rank Tracker

Sales Analytics

Jungle Scout’s Sales Analytics service keeps track of all sales data in real-time. The ability to concentrate on cost-saving and profit-generating tactics will help you to generate even more money with your Amazon FBA company. It provides you with the essential overview of your profit and loss account, as well as information on hidden fees, expenses of products sold, operational costs, units sold, NET margin, returns on investment, and sales, among other things, to make informed business decisions.

Learn more about Sales Analytics

Inventory Manager

The Jungle Scout Inventory Manager will assist you in keeping track of your inventory and will advise you on how many goods to purchase and when to order them. On the one hand, this will assist you in ensuring that you always have a sufficient supply of items on hand. However, the Inventory Manager will assist you in avoiding having an excessive amount of inventory in the Amazon warehouse, which will save you money by avoiding needless fees and taxes.

Learn more about Inventory Manager

Jungle Scout Browser Extension

One-click provides access to real-time profit estimates, competitive statistics, monthly sales, pricing changes, customer ratings, and other relevant information depending on the chosen product page or search results page, among other information. In order to determine the Opportunity Scores for products, demand, competition, and listing quality are all taken into consideration..

In a matter of seconds, you can determine if it is worth investing in a certain product and selling it on Amazon, or whether it is preferable to just let your fingers do the walking. There is a separate purchase option for the Google Chrome-based addon. It is true that the addon becomes much more potent when used in conjunction with Jungle Scout.

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Jungle Scout Alerts

The Jungle Scout Alerts feature provides you with the ability to get alerts for a variety of activities at any point in time. As a result, you will no longer miss any important developments and will be able to respond quickly and appropriately. For example, rate changes, such as those caused by a new rival or a competing offer, are instantly visible on your radar, allowing you to respond quickly. The notifications can be set up and managed with relative ease in the program. Reviewers and whole rivals‘ websites are now being watched in addition to specific product websites.

Learn more about Alerts

Jungle Scout Academy

If you want to establish or grow a profitable company on Amazon, you will need to study a lot and broaden your existing knowledge base in order to be successful. If you’re a complete beginner, the Academy will teach you the fundamentals via lessons. You will learn how to effectively launch your first product into the market step by step. Jungle Scout specialists provide weekly lessons for the most difficult items, and you can communicate with other sellers on the community forums if you are having trouble with a specific item. Monthly live stream training sessions will assist you in furthering your education and professional development.

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Is Jungle Scout worth it?

New entrepreneurs often ask me this question. That’s a yes in my book. I agree wholeheartedly. Getting a tool that does the following for under $50 a month is an excellent deal.

  • Saves you a lot of time and effort.
  • Determines the most profitable items for your company to sell.
  • Shows you precisely what keywords to utilize to maximize your listings.
  • The whole history of sales is shown to you so that you may make educated selections.
  • Estimates your PPC spending.
  • Find untapped markets for your items by scanning every nook and cranny in real-time.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Yes, when you sell more, the price does rise, but why should you care? As sales increase, so does the price of your product or service. It’s well worth the effort. The consequence of all of this is that Jungle Scout is not a magic bullet that you can depend on to the fullest extent. That’s a common blunder for newcomers. Only if you know exactly what you’re searching for will it be accurate. To get started, you’ll need to have a firm grasp of how the market works and how Amazon operates.

Jungle Scout FAQ

Who is Jungle Scout suitable for?

Jungle Scout is an all-around FBA tool that is suited for anybody, from those who have no prior experience with Amazon FBA to the Super Seller who has a seven-figure yearly turnover and wants to touch even more appetite with their business.

Is Jungle Scout 10 can be canceled every month?

Jungle Scout is now offering its whole suite, which includes the Chrome extension, as a free download. All of our programs are available on a monthly basis. If you are interested in not just trying out, but also operating Amazon FBA on a long-term basis, we suggest that you purchase a yearly package, as this will result in significant savings over time.

Is there a free version of Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout does not provide a free, introductory edition. This is something that should not be discouraged. The price of a Jungle Scout is more than acceptable when you consider how many things it has to offer in terms of functionality. However, if you want to try it out but don’t want to take any chances, Jungle Scout gives the option to cancel your contract after 14 days if you don’t like what you’ve experienced.

What Jungle Scout Do I Need?

I strongly suggest taking advantage of the package deal’s benefits. It’s well worth the effort.

Is Jungle Scout available in German?

In addition to English, Jungle Scout is now available in Mandarin Chinese. We spoke to Jungle Scout about the possibility of a German-language edition. After all, Germany is the second-largest market in the world after the United States. Yes, a German-language version is planned, although the installation will take a bit longer than expected. Not to worry: if you have a good fundamental understanding, you will be able to deal with Young Scout with ease.

How Accurate Is Jungle Scout?

Yes, Jungle Scout is a good starting point. It’s not perfect, and you’ll need to know a lot about how Amazon works to use it well, but it’s quite dependable nevertheless. Many young businesses make the mistake of believing Jungle Scout to be the last word. That was an error. It should help you make a decision, but not make the decision on its own. Use your brain’s odd, liquid mass of neurons for the tough things!

What are good alternatives to Jungle Scout?

Currently, there are two strong customizable vendors of Amazon FBA solutions on the market. To start or grow a successful FBA company, you’ll need the complete range of fire widths available in these tools. To spice up the business, Helium 10 and Jungle Scout are engaged in a head-to-head rivalry.

Conclusion – Should you get Jungle Scout?

That was a long one, weren’t you? I’ve written about 3,000 words here, and now I’m thirsty!

I hope I’ve answered all of your questions, and I really hope you’re excited about discovering great things to sell on Amazon and expanding your FBA business.

This is what I want to emphasize:

This is a once-in-a-generation chance on Amazon. Every day, Bezos and Co. see an increase in the number of customers. Don’t listen to the doubters; it’s possible to build a successful Amazon FBA company today! You only need to do proper product research and put in the effort.

You’ve got to act right now.

Jungle Scout is one of the top Amazon research tools on the market right now. There is no free trial, but if you are serious about expanding your FBA business, it is well worth the investment.

Jungle scout discount

If you are looking for a way to save money on your Jungle Scout purchases, you may have come to the right place. This article will show you where to look for coupons. You can also use the link below to get a discount code. This coupon can be used at Jungle Scout’s online store. You can use the discount coupon above to get up to 60% off the price of a one-year Jungle Scout subscription.

jungle scout discount

Jungle Scout is a software program for Amazon sellers that tracks products and offers information about the keywords for your store. The platform can also be downloaded as a Chrome extension. Despite its price, it is a great tool for Amazon sellers and is a worthwhile investment. In this review, you’ll learn more about it and how it can improve your business. Read on for details! Here’s a Jungle Scout discount to help you make money on Amazon!

One of the most valuable benefits of Jungle Scout is the opportunity to lock in a discounted price for a set period. This allows you to grow massively while keeping your software costs low. Moreover, you can even opt for the monthly plan and save up to 40% on your cost. However, keep in mind that this discount is not valid for upgrades or other additional plans. It will only last for a certain period and will not apply to upgrades.


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